Strapping Band - PET & PP

Polyester Terephthalate strapping band, a practical alternative to steel strapping band, comes with high quality and extreme resistance polyester allowing precise and safest plus cost efficient packing process for any materials with a strength similar to conventional steel band.

PET strapping band are made of highest quality polyester, does not lose its characteristic under a high temperature, UV exposure or bad weather condition. Suitable for industrial packaging, general/heavy duty applications, saw mills plant, wood & furniture factory, cabinet & metal storage and bulk items packing like cotton and wool demanding tension recovery and high strap performance.

Polypropylene strapping band is inexpensive, good quality packaging material for any materials and their fastening, which is applicable either manually, semi-automatic, fully automatic machines and conveyer belt automation. Replaced traditional steel strapping bands without losing their durability and strength. General usage in food packaging, cartons external belting, logistics & warehousing, cargo terminal, drainage & irrigation & piping industries, shoes and garment/cotton factory.