Stretch Film product is available in Hand Rolls, Machine Rolls, Baby/Mini Rolls or Jumbo Rolls used for pallet wrapping for protection against water, dust and surface damages.

(a) Hand Roll Stretch Film
Mainly used in palletizing, bundling of huge or small parcels, luggage, glasses or fragile items, cartons and various application such as spray paint shop, Logistic, Warehousing, Factory, Home, Airport, silkscreen industry, etc.

(b) Baby Roll Stretch Film
Mini or Baby Stretch Film binds your products together without sticking to them. It’s easy to remove and it will not damage your products. Commonly used for Powder coating industry, mirror or glass manufacturers and converters, stationary, DIY, home décor and general usage.

(c) Machine Stretch Film
Machine Stretch Film requires a specific Palletizer machine to complete the job, with minimum work force involved. A heavier film will be loaded to the machine turn table and preset to a perfect finishing.

(d) Custom Size/Width
Special requirement for customized width or length can be produced upon request.