A Polypropylene (PP) packaging tape coated with a Transparent or Color single layer pressure sensitive adhesive of high tagging and strong adhesive to create excellent bonding and works at low or high temperature.

Item # 101220, Acrylic emulsion based, most suitable for light or heavy packaging and general application. Recommended for cartons sealing purposes, parcel/gifts, stationary, DIT, Home décor, Art & Craft, envelope sealing and many general usage. Application by Hand Held Dispenser, Desktop Dispenser, or Carton Sealing Machine for on line packaging process.

Item # 101230, coated with Rubber based adhesive. Excellent bonding strength and high bonding at low temperature. Ideal for packaging material demanding quick & high bonding, refrigeration, heavy duty packages, etc. Application by Hand Held Dispenser or Carton Sealing Machine.