Masking Tape – made of high crepe paper coated with single pressure sensitive adhesive which is easily tear and durable at the same time. Do not leave any adhesive residue/glue transfer on working surfaces. Printable and writable crepe surface with anti-aging properties and excellent tackiness.

(A) General Purpose Masking Tape
Light colored, conformable and flexible, primarily as general application purpose with strong adhesion strength. Suitable for binding/souvenir, light carton packaging, DIY, home décor, art & craft, wood working, painting line guide, interior & exterior purpose, electrical wire marking, books/printing industry, line marking & surface protection and general application usage.

(B) Automotive Grade Masking Tape
Premium grade quality crepe paper coated with special formulated natural rubber adhesive. Function effectively at baking cycles of up to 100 degree Celsius for a period of one hour and can be easily removed without residue nor glue transfer. High temperature resistance and thermal insulation, most suitable for automotive/industrial spray and electronic industry such as bandoleer, electroplating, hot stamping, soldering, alpha & numerical edging process and metal & wood engraving works.

(C) High Temperature Masking Tape
Excellent masking performance especially at high temperature of up to 160 degree Celsius for more than an hour but subjected to certain heat and time factors. Suitable for high temperature resistance and thermal insulation, automotive paint masking, insulation panel and wooden /aluminium /metal window production. Strong adhesion strength endurance at high working temperature.