opp printed and color packaging tape

What is OPP Printed and Color Packaging Tape?

Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film or commonly known as OPP Tape, OPP Printed or Color Packaging Tape are coated with acrylic emulsion of strong adhesion strength. Printed OPP Tape comes with customized printed design, colors & messages, useful information and can also be used as advertisement media, etc

With the customized Security printing instructions, it is suitable for all industrial packaging, commercial/direct sales promotion, box/carton sealing, online sales, food/vegetables packaging, furniture, fragile items, medicine/pharmaceutical, or transportation/shipping and logistics/ forwarding. OPP Printed Tape carry a personalized image of the esteem Company and facilitate the process of shipping thus prevention of error and enhanced visibility from a distance.

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