Filament Tape

Filament Tape is a clear durable polyester film reinforced with continuous fiberglass filaments as a carrier material with coated rubber/resin blend adhesive system of extreme high tensile strength and holding power. It is classified under mono filament, compact filament and cross weaved filament, also known as Bi-directional filament.

Filament Tape is a pressure sensitive tape which is applicable for both light load and heavy-duty applications. It can also withstand excellent anti-breaking point, waterproof/weatherproof, high resistance to grease and chemical corrosion, suitable on various surfaces and moisture/mold resistance.

Filament/Reinforced Tape are widely used for reinforced packaging, electrical/electronic appliances, metal & wood furniture industry, metal stamping/steel mill industry, steel service center, bundling of metal sheets, palletizing, reinforced/strapping, heavy metal/pipeline industry and shipping line/logistics industry.